Welcome to our world

This week we are starting a long journey through Asia with Ann and Sean Ryan.

As Mr. Ryan explaines in this first article: “This is not a travel article, although travel will indeed feature a lot. It is instead, a visit to our life in picture and prose and we hope that it will give you a full understanding of who we are and what we do“.

This is the first, but we hope to publish many other episodes and that our readers will enjoy them!

The editor, Daniele Rizzo

Let me begin by introducing ourselves
This is the second episode of Welcome in our life. Let’s open our wings and fly away with Sean and Ann Ryan!
2012: the end or a new beginning? Here’s the 3rd episode of our fabolous journey through Asia with Sean and Ann Ryan. As Sean writes: if you are unhappy with your present lifestyle, be brave, take your chance and change your life.
Happy New Year! This is the 4th episode of the adventures of Sean and Ann Ryan. We hope you’ll enjoy it!
Welcome, again

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